Seminars and Conventions

It is not an easy task to prepare an event. There are different types of events and each has its own necessities and peculiarities. Each differs from one another. For instance, corporate events & meetings would have pretty different requirements than any events associated with entertainment.

The official events, such as seminars, conventions, conferences or some product launches and product presentations require a special approach. Everything should be official, solid and perfect. In the case, you cannot cope with such a task on your own you may use our offer.

The Offer of Our Agency

We are a professional agency, which organizes any types of events such as conferences & general meetings, press conferences, anniversaries and so on. We hire experienced workers who are capable of organizing anything you wish excellently. We can arrange any event in Winnipeg, Quebec and other cities of the country.


Our major advantages are the following:

  • Excellent organization. We hire top workers who perfectly execute their duties. They will make allowances for all this that are needed for your event.
  • Professional staff. We will provide you with certificated and skillful workers needed for catering & bar services and other essentials. You will enjoy the qualitative service of promoters, party organizers, waiters, bartenders and others.
  • Quick time management. Time means a lot, especially when there is an official meeting. Therefore, our workers will consider all important stages of your event and will work out an effective plan.
  • Flexibility. At times, even the best plan may be violated by some unexpected happenings. However, you should not be afraid of any sudden accidents. Our professionals will easily adapt to any new changes and will overcome them within a blink of an eye.
  • Originality. We treat each case individually and will perform all the tasks quickly and effectively. You will be pleasantly surprised with the original solutions we have for all occasions. Everything will run smoothly.


Our agency has many years of successful experience in this sphere of services. You can fully rely on us. We have thousands of grateful and satisfied customers. We will offer you the best conditions. We will arrange any promos, celebrations and other events on the best terms and as quickly as needed. Our professionals will guarantee the success of any meeting at an affordable cost.